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Monday, July 7, 2014

Some thoughts on immigration reform

Right now in the news there's a lot of talk about comprehensive immigration reform.  The President even threatens to take care of it himself if Congress won't.  Many people are very upset about the influx of children onto the borders and then further into the country.  Others say that we should welcome them all. And then there's the question about what we as Christians should do toward immigrants, especially those who are here illegally.

I doubt that most Americans know what the laws actually are for those who want to immigrate or what the reality is for those who come here, legally or illegally.  If we don't know these facts, how can Americans lobby our representatives for good reforms?

I also doubt that most of us have thought through what we want our laws to be and what the goals of immigration reform would be.  What do we want America to be like relative to immigrants:
  • A source of cheap labor?  
  • A drain economically? 
  • A refuge from tyranny and violence?  
  • A place to escape grinding poverty? 
  • An attraction to the world's brightest and best?
Do want to welcome everyone?  Can we?  What benefits should immigrants receive?  What would they owe us in return?  What do we do about those who are already here?  We hear of "amnesty" but it is not defined.

I wish someone out there - (news media do your job!!!)  - would tell the stories and make suggestions for change that is in as many people's best interests as possible and is feasible.

Then we can move beyond rhetoric and get real things done for the sake of real people and a real country, not just for political points for our side and against the other side.

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