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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Keep Your Greek, chapters 1 & 2

Chapter one - read every day! In Greek, of course. It's like becoming good at any other skill such as music or athletics. A little bit a day will go a long way to keeping up one's skills. Even though it is important to go through verb conjugations and noun declensions, reading will help keep all that fresh.

Chapter two - get rid of the interlinear! OK, Constantine actually tells us to burn it or give it away. The reason is that it is a crutch and we need to develop the habit of reading without the English vocabulary under our eyes. The interlinear also makes it too easy to avoid wrestling with Greek syntax. So, get rid of it! If you need help with the vocabulary, I would suggest instead A Reader's Greek New Testament, nicely bound in leather with the low frequency words at the bottom of the page. It won't do for serious text critical studies or word studies, but for reading it is great.

More later on the other chapters!

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