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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Keep Your Greek, chapters 9, 10, supplemental material

Chapter nine
What if your Greek is rusty and slipping or even partly gone? Chapter nine tells you how to get your Greek back if it's gone or going. Having relearned Greek two or three times, I agree with Campbell when he says that it's easier the second or third time. It's a matter of gaining the courage to retrace the ground that you've lost.

Chapter ten
Putting it together. Campbell tell us how he puts these tips together in his schedule to keep up not just his Greek but other languages as well.

Supplemental material
Appendix: Campbell mostly address students here, stressing the importance of getting it right the first time. If you have a good foundation it's harder to lose, easier to maintain, and easier to regain if needed.

Resources for all sorts of Greek. Worth checking out.

In summary:
For $10, this book is a good buy. The hints and suggestions are well worth the price. Of course whether or not you or I follow is up to us, but the author has laid a good foundation for how to keep up your Greek (the suggestions would also work for Hebrew) after leaving seminary or for getting it back if it's slipping. I would recommend the book for those about to leave seminary, or those who have graduated and feel that they need to regain their slipping skills.

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